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Virtual Dating From Tangowire

  Virtual dating has got to be one of the best inovations for dating online at this time.

On the authority of a Harvard business study, people who go on virtual dates first tend to like each other more when they meet in person (Harvard Business School)

So how exactly does Virtual Dating Work.

Virtual dating is very user-friendly and is similar to a typical IM chat. Users interact through photo-realistic 3D character types (avatars), which in turn respond naturally to the typed text and still provide an enjoyable dating encounter (e.g., typing LOL makes an avatar have a good laugh). Users may even blow a kiss or reach over and touch the hand with the other avatar. Virtual dating is 100% browser-based and does not necessitate users to set up any software. It's simple getting started - All you need to do is Find, Invite, and Date!

A few Facts About Virtual Dating

It has been proven that those people who go on virtual dates initially tend to like each other much more when they meet in person (Harvard Business School)

Using a virtual dating site is by far less time consuming, more affordable, and more secure than for instance meeting at the local Starbucks®

Virtual dating looks to address the safety considerations that hinder a lot of people from meeting in

person (Scientific American)

Those people who embark on vitual dates to start with tend to like each other more once they meet up and are 2 times more likely to continue with a second date (MSNBC)

Virtual dating is incredibly women-friendly, particularly when compared with web-cams (Computer-world)

Virtual dating sites offer a remarkably successful solution to create real-life relationships (Harvard University study)

Tangowire Virtual Dating is available on all of the Tangowire dating sites, so why not take a free Virtual Dating trial today.
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