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Senior Dating Site

Niche's like a senior dating site offer you the opportunity to meet many new people and instill some fun and romance into your life. Seniors dating will only continue to gather momentum as more seniors singles become comfortable with computers and email communication, easer site navigation and intimacy through dating websites.

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Senior Dating  Many people have had great success with online dating and those who have been successful report the best thing about  dating websites is that they could narrow down their searches to people of a certain type. This includes race, gender, and religion, such as black senior dating, christian senior dating, or gay senior dating, and that they can quickly look over a lot of people and profiles in a very short amount of time.

Anyone is able sign up for a free dating membership at Older Dating Sites like From what we have found, of those who have signed up for the initial free memberships 1 in 7 have gone on to take full paid memberships.

 This really is a good thing to know, and clearly weeds out those not so serious tire kickers you are likely to get at totally free dating sites. Those who are serious about Dating Seniors realize the value in paid memberships.

Nearly 1 in 4 single Americans who are actively seeking a romantic partner or online relationship use the 1000 plus dating sites that are available, this equates to at this time of writing (Jan 2009) about 16.5 million people and increasing daily.

The traditional venues for finding relationships – bars, religious institutions, singles clubs and matchmakers are rapidly being replaced by where the new generation of senior singles is to be found, on the internet, with mature dating sites and senior singles sites.  Their are literally thousands of older people making more and more new friends via seniors sites. How many people do you have access to in your daily orbit?

 In a world that increasingly emphasizes self determination, leaving your soul mate search up to singles bars, office romances, and friends of friends all seems not only rather passive but can also be seen as somewhat negligent.

Here are a few more statistics for Online Dating Sites

The ratio of men to senior women dating with memberships at senior dating sites is almost equal with members comprising of 51% men and 49% women.

Our Senior Dating Site statistics in 2007 for showed that those in the 35 to 44 age group comprised of 11% of memberships, 45 to 50 also had 11%, those aged from 50 to 60 had 26%, and those over 60 the balance of members. Of these almost 90% are from American states. Members in the USA are spread over all states with California, Florida, Georgia, and NY, leading the way.

Studies of online dating have shown that 66% of online Americans don't consider dating web sites as a desperate measure and think that internet dating is a very good way of meeting people.

Other data from research in 2006 shows that nearly 17% of online daters or nearly 3 million Americans have turned their online dating experience into permanent relationships and marriage, this is the same number of those couples who have built relationships from meeting in church..

So, there you have it.  The next step is up to you. Take this information and make use of it. For many It's easier to do nothing, and when you do nothing happens. But in the end you will thank yourself for having taken action on finding a new partner, make a start by checking out whose online at -- and if you are serious, as I suspect you are if you've gotten this far, sign up for a free membership at a safe secure Senior Dating Site  from tango dating.
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