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According to a poll by Gallup, in 1994 more than half of America was against interracial romance. However, recent years have seen this change dramatically and it is now only a small percentage of Americans who admit to being against two people of differing races dating. This means it is now more common to see interracial couples. In fact, in the year 2010 the amount of interracial marriages that took place was almost double compared to the previous year. There are even countless dating websites available purely to match people interested in dating people from a different race group to themselves. Unfortunately, despite this trend indicating an improvement in people’s opinions, interracial couples still experience a certain level of intolerance from others.

The most common interracial coupling is black women dating white men and while celebrity couples such as Imran Kahn and David Bowie make it look easier, it can be difficult accepting other people’s attitudes. Some of these attitudes are born from ignorance, others from cultural differences and some are just plain and simple racism. Understanding the difference between these is important; because it can help interracial couples deal with it easier. Ignorance is usually nothing more than a lack of education regarding people from different races. This is people who have relatively little or no experience of interacting with people from races different to their own. Unfortunately, this means they often rely on other people’s opinions, which can lead to intolerance and stereotyping. The most important thing to remember when dealing with intolerance to your mixed race relationship is you do not have to explain yourself. You also do not have to tolerate racism and when it does occur it is best dealt with head on. Pointing out another person's racism is usually enough to make them think twice about doing it again.

An interracial romance is often harder to establish than a relationship between two people from the same race is. Dealing with intolerance and racism can put huge pressure on a relationship, making arguing and conflict much more likely. It is important you stay strong and show people you are a united front. Make the effort to make friends with people from a number of different ethnicities. Having a diverse group of friends will allow you and your partner to feel stable. You will also learn from other people how they deal with intolerance. You and your partner should talk openly about attitudes towards your relationship. According to a study by McClintock college, black women dating white men is much more frowned upon by society than the other way around. While this makes little sense, it is believed to stem from one race’s belief that the woman is abandoning her roots and family in favor of a man.

As well as outside opinions, your relationship may cause negative attitudes within the two families. For example, a family who is deeply loyal to cultural practices is likely to be less welcoming to an individual from outside of that culture. This is why it is important that an black and white dating couple take the time to educate themselves on each other’s culture. A willingness to accept and understand what is important to your partner and their family will help build bridges. This will hopefully lead to acceptance of your relationship. Most importantly, it is important you both remember that you are doing nothing wrong. While people, in an attempt to be politically correct, may say they are color-blind, this is not always the case. Love, however, is color-blind and an interracial romance can be just as successful as any other.

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