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Great First Date Ideas

5 First Date Icebreakers

Nearly everyone has experienced those awkward first dates. You sit across from each other, both nervous, neither one of you knowing how to keep the conversation moving. You ask a few stilted date questions, but soon return to uncomfortable silence.

So how can you take a date from fizzle to sizzle? Prepare, prepare, prepare.

You can avoid much awkward silence if you have a few good conversation topics and questions to draw from. By preparing creative first date ideas beforehand, you’ll have something ready when you’re both drawing a blank. 

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Focus on them

1. “You look great”

You can’t go wrong with a sincere complement. Most folks go out of their way to look good for a first date, so let them know you appreciate it.

2. “Tell me about your job”

A simple question about employment can open up a lot of conversation. You can uncover passions, goals, and ambitions.

3. “What’s your favorite…”

Movie, book, TV show, etc. Sharing favorites might uncover some common interests or similar tastes. And nothing brings a couple together faster than similar interests.

4. “What type of music to you listen to?”

Here again, you might discover some shared passions. Music connects people on a deep level, and while you may not end up sharing the same tastes, you’ll get a good glimpse into his personality.

5. “What were you like as a kid?”

An easy question that will give you a good look into your date’s background, upbringing, and psyche.

6. “What’s your favorite way to relax?”

Perhaps they like to spend their Saturdays hiking. Perhaps they like to curl up with a book. Perhaps they’re a movie buff. Perhaps you’ll have something in common.

7. “What makes you laugh?”

This is a great way to find out what makes him tick. A person’s sense of humor provides great insight into their character and their personality. And remember, a great guy should be able to laugh at himself as well.

8. “How do you think it’s going?”

Don’t pull this one out unless you’re sure it’s going well. It’s a full-on flirt that lets your date know you’re having a great time.

Open up about you

9. “I’m enjoying this.”

Don’t be shy. If you’re having fun, say so. It’ll take some pressure off your date and help him relax and have fun as well.

10. “It’s nice to get out.”

Don’t be draggy, but if you’ve been stressed, lonely, or bored, let your date know you appreciate the time out together.

11. “I heard about this restaurant from…”

It’s not tacky to talk about the restaurant if you’re enjoying yourself. It’s an open ended topic that can provide lots of conversation.

12. “I’m a huge fan of…”

If you’re into a band, an author, or a particular show, talk about it. Don’t drone on, but don’t be afraid to talk about things that interest you. Again – you might find common ground.

13. “I work as…”

Talk about your job a little – especially if you’re passionate about it. Talk about what inspires you, what spurs you on, and what your ambitions are.

14. “I hope to one day…”

Talk about your dreams, even if they’re silly. If you dream of traveling, learning pottery, or riding your first roller coaster, share it.

15. “Did you know…?”

Bring some goofy or interesting trivia. A few interesting “did you know” topics can spur an awful lot of discussion.

Finally, remember most of all to listen. Show genuine interest in your date, and you just might line up a second date before the first one is through.

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