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Do internet dating sites work? What is the proportion of men to women on the internet dating personals scene? These and many other statistics are of great interest not just to the online businesses that run the dating sites but to the millions of current dating site users and the many others who are still contemplating making the jump into online romance. One thing is for sure, though - more and more people are turning to the internet to find love online. The following are seven interesting statistics on the on line dating industry:

1. Single men and women are today taking proactive steps to find a partner. Of a study of 4000 singles 48% of whom were men and 52% dating women, one in five had dated a person they first met on an internet dating site.

2. Mobile phones are fast becoming the gadget of convergence when it comes to personal technology use. The internet relationship industry has not been spared either with at least 13 minutes spent per week by members visiting online singles sites. As at 2007, the share of online dating transactions initiated through mobile phones stood at $330 million and this rose to $550 million dollars in 2008.

3. So how do men and women respond when the first contact does not quite go as planned? Well, 68% of men that secured a date through internet dating personals make up their minds on the first meeting and will not want a second meeting if there is no chemistry. However, 56% women will give the relationship a second chance (read date) in the hope that the first day may have been disastrous because either or both parties was nervous.

4. The success rates on online dating relationships are not too bad. 33% of single people who meet on an online dating service go on to start a relationship, 33% do not while 33% end up giving up on the dating online service after a bad first experience.

5. And how fast does one introduce their new partner to friends and family? 73% of men take the lead in introducing their partner to their friends and family while only 11% women do so before their date. Most men will wait for at least 4 meetings before they do the introductions while women prefer to wait until after 7 dates.

6. Dating on line has driven people to doing things that can improve their physical image. Among men, registering in an on line singles service has motivated 63% to enroll in a gym with the figure for women standing much lower at 37%. Its also found that 36% went on a diet and a paltry 3% felt the need to undergo plastic surgery just to increase their chances of meeting someone.

7. Internet dating sites use in the US saw a 15% year on year increase between May 2009 and May 2010. Certain areas experienced much faster growth than the country average with the Bay Area growing at 22%. Also niche dating targeting demographics such as Christians, military personal, bigger women, seniors, and many more continues to be among the best internet dating websites.
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