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Dating Profiles

Designing dating profiles are not so dissimilar than to creating a advertisement to sell products or services. Just as your local tv station produces a half minute commercial to sell paper towel's for example, you need to create dating site profiles that attracts attention.

To do so effectively requires a personals profile that, A) your add stand out among all others, B) you attract interest in the first line or sentence so that any prospects click you first, C) a relationships profile should arouse their curiosity enough so that they want to find out more, and finally 4) to get them to email you. 

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Grab Attention

Your photograph is the first line of attack so to speak. The eye moves faster than the mind: grab their eye, and their attention, so people actually stop and read what you have written about yourself. Contrary to popular opinion, it's not about how gorgeous you look, it's how much your photo captures your personality.
For example, where should the picture be taken? For general shots make sure its a head and shoulders photo, but there are exceptions. For instance If you are an outdoors person, then share one of yourself standing on a hiking trail. If you love animals, then choose one cuddling a kitten. Immediately, without saying a word, you attract the interest of those who probably share your interest. That can be a lot more powerful than a generic studio glamor shot

Avoid blurry photos taken with a web-cam, definitely avoid  over cluttered backgrounds that steal the attention from you. And in general, wearing a bright solid colored top can help catch attention. Take a look at the pictures on the covers of magazines: see how they're carefully styled so they stand out on the news stand? Take your cues from there.

How To Attract Interest

In the advertising world they have something called unique selling proposition or USP: a value that makes them different from other competition. So you have hair products that claim to make your hair shiny, and another that claims to have a beautiful fragrance. They don't try to be everything, and neither should you. Think of two or three things that are important to you (hobbies, passions, or what you want from life). Keep an upbeat tone, and show it to a close friend and ask him what he would think if he read it and didn't know you. 
Arouse their Curiosity

You can't tell your life's story in a few sentences with your singles profile,and you're not supposed to. Just as ads don't actually narrate all the product benefits but give you just enough to want to try it, your profile should just tease their interest. After all, if they get in touch with you, you'll have plenty of time to get to know each other. So how do you get them to pay attention? Ask a question, give just half of an anecdote, or a teaser like find out why I can never look at a lemon meringue pie the same way again.î (Note: this also breaks the ice and gives them something to write about in their first email.)

Persuade Them Email You

We have all seen the sales pitch that will say "take action now" or "call today", your profile needs to say this as well. Make your close firm but friendly that will boost your prospects confidence in what you have to offer. Something as simple as, "I would love to hear from you" creates a personal touch that makes the reader feel like you would be talking directly to him or her. This makes the chances of them writing that email so much easier. Mant dating profiles are bland and uninteresting, don't make yours end up on the back page of the dating site.
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