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There are practically dozens of Christian dating sites on the Internet, and finding the right one for you may be quite an effort especially when you don't have that much experience about the service on the World Wide Web. In fact, many Christian singles  end up being depressed over the service because it does not meet their specifications, or have been scammed by fraudulent online dating services.

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christian dating sites

  We offer a safe secure environment where you can be sure of your privacy, safety of any personal and financial details that you may provide.

We serve our members with the highest level of integrity and spend countless hours combating spammers, scams, and harassers to ensure all members have the best online dating experience

It's our goal to help our millions of members to find that special someone  through specialized niche's such as a christian dating service we can bring together people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and passions from your local area and all over the world.

What you get as a member at Tango Christian Dating Services;


Here are some tips on what to look for in christian dating web sites.

Tip # 1: Paid Or Free Sites?

There are many free christian dating service's on the Internet, as well as those that offer their services and features for a small fee. If you want to maximize the online dating experience, it is advisable that you look for paid dating sites to ensure that you can enjoy the best service that you are looking for. Free Christian dating sites open the doors for those who aren't serious about online dating, by putting up bogus profiles and are generally out to mess with  peoples lives.

But not every dating site that requires payment offers quality service – some of them are actually scammers and fraudsters that plan to take away your money bit by bit. First, you need to look for an online Christian dating websites that has a billing system that is verified by credible only agencies and bureaus. Since you will be posting your credit card information on the Internet, then it's only best to look for one that is genuine.

While you're at it, you might want to read through the terms and conditions of the site to see if you can terminate the service with them by giving you the option of deleting your account. Since most of these site offers automated billing, you need to make sure that you can delete all your account information so that you won't be charged with services that you are no longer using.

Check to see if the site has recurring monthly billing or a one off payment (the better option)

Tip # 2: Look For Sites That Offers Online Help

There may come a time that we will have some questions or concerns regarding the use of the online dating site. Before such a scenario comes, you need to determine if they offer a customer service representative that will answer all your problems. Check out if they have a toll-free number for direct access to the service, or whether you need to submit a ticket or an email as a way to communicate with them.

Tip # 3: Determine The Privacy Of Your Online Information

You should be very careful in choosing a christian dating site online where you will be placing your online information. In truth, some online dating sites uses the email address of their subscribers to send spam mails of products, service, and online advertising.

Your information on these online dating sites should be held confidential at all times; and the only one who has access to your information, like your contact info, credit card, and so on should be you alone. Read through the privacy statement found on the site to ensure that your information will not be compromised.

Tip # 4: Ensure Quality Features

Check out the features of the dating service to ensure that you  get the quality features for what you originally paid for. Here are some of the features that a quality christian dating service should have:

•    Strict terms and privacy policy regarding your username, password, and all other information that you may have on their site.

•    A powerful search engine feature that will allow you to look for other Christian singles in the online community with ease (through the use of various fields found in their profile, such as nationality, skin color, eye color, language, hobbies, and so on)

•    Open-access to the profile of members within the online community

•    Full access to your accounts manager, especially your billing information

.           A contact us feature for any questions or problems you may encounter

.           An About page, to check the history and integrity of the site.

It is advisable that you ensure the quality of  Christian dating web sites before you make use of the service.

Avoid being scammed by fraudulent dating agency offers and the insecurity of free dating sites on the Internet – Check out Christian dating sites from the Tangowire network, you can be assured of not wasting your time, effort, and money. Good luck and happy dating.

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