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Biker Dating

Most people know a little something about dating online, but few people know about Biker Dating websites.

Biker Dating is about bikers who want to meet other bikers who love the lifestyle that it brings, not being matched up with someone who thinks a chopper is a vegetable cutter!

Check to See Who's Online at Biker Personals

Biker DatingThe vast majority of  motorcycle singles are real people that happen to love motorcycles, Harley Davidson, Ducati, Kawasaki, Gold Wing, BMW, Triumph, BSA, Indian Motorcycles and others, people who share the passion and the freedom that they bring, Motorcycle Personals sites provide a medium where like minded bikers can find other dating bikers and form new friendships or relationships.

In the last few years, online dating has switched, to becoming the destination of not the last but the first resort for those seeking a partner online. No longer seen as uncool or a refuge for those who can't hack normal dating, online dating is a convenient time saving  way to meet more potential dates. New and safer dating websites cater for personalized niche groups of people and effectively weed out those undesirables who are just out to mess with peoples lives.

Studies of online dating have shown that 66% of online Americans don't consider dating web sites as a desperate measure and think that internet dating is a very good way of meeting people.

Anyone is able sign up for a free BikerDating membership at A1-Biker Personals. From what we have found, of those who have signed up for the initial free memberships 1 in 7 have gone on to take full paid memberships. Although it seems like many people are bailing out this really is a good thing to know, and clearly weeds out those not so serious tire kickers you are going to get at totally free dating sites. Those who are serious about Motorcycle Dating realize the value in paid memberships.

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A recent review of the biker dating site A1-BikerPersonals revealed some interesting statistics about the demographics of biker singles. These results were calculated from memberships for the year 2007-2008.

 The largest member group of the biker personals site is for the 45 to 60 year olds with 62.6% membership, followed closely by the over 30 to 45 group with 33.2%, with the balance in the 18 - 35 age groups. Of these groups biker men contributed to 51% of members and biker women 47%, the balance of  those seeking a biker personals 13% were a mix if gay males, lesbian females and bisexuals male and female.

The majority of members are from the USA and Canada, with all states represented, however 12%  are from the United Kingdom. There are also bikers dating from Australia and South Africa.

The statistics show that almost 1 in 5 Americans in their 20s and 1 in 10 Americans in their 30s to 50s use online dating services.

So, there you have it.  The next step is up to you. Check out our e and make use of it. For many it's easier to do nothing, and when you do nothing happens. But in the end you will thank yourself for having taken action on finding a new partner, make a start by checking out who's online at A1Biker-Personals, and if you are serious, as I suspect you are if you've gotten this far, sign up for a Free membership at the best  Biker Dating Site  from tango dating.
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